Is it time for a new approach? . . .

Everyone faces emotional challenges within themselves at some point and time in their lives. The secret is how we deal with them so we can continue on, living life to the full.

Kushla Rolls TFT dx,
Thought Field Therapist,
Journey Practitioner

I’m Kushla Rolls and I have a private practice in both Rosedale and Parnell, Auckland. Over the past 10 years I have been helping people of all ages to face and heal the difficulties that are hindering them from fully engaging in life in the manner they wish to be.

I am experienced in very effective therapy methods, and you will find me highly skilled at helping you discover that there is a way to get through the emotions you are experiencing within, such as…

Grief • Separation • Abuse • Depression • Anxiety • Stress • Guilt • Trauma • Phobias • Fear • Hoarding • Obsession • Anger • Suicidal thoughts • Bullying Low Self Esteem • Coping with chronic illness

. . . or just not getting the joy out of life, and you don’t know why!

Please be  assured that I provide a caring, nurturing, friendly, non-judgemental, respectful and safe environment for you. I am passionate about helping make a difference to the emotional, spiritual, relational, and physical lives of my clients.

I offer you the opportunity to have lasting change and to let the light shine fully in your life!


“I went to Kushla with severe anxiety from past experiences. Through Therapy that Works I came to a better understanding of my past and have made peace. I was amazed after many years of counselling and other forms of therapy this process helped me to let go and the patterns we have worked on haven’t returned. This has worked in tandem with working the AA program after 5 years of sobriety. I cannot express how grateful I am to Kushla & the process for the peace and happiness this has brought me in my daily life”. – Female Aged 38

“We were in a pretty dark place with our 7 year old daughter deeply troubled by anxiety. This was due to bullying and other things really scaring her. None of us got any good sleep for 3 months. Our daughter is now back to her old happy self, in fact a much improved version of her old self. Therapy That Works, the name could not be any more appropriate.” – Female Aged 7


“I had been bullied at school by my friends and felt so bad, I didn’t want to go back to school. Kushla helped me feel so much better and when I went back to school I made new friends and I wasn’t bullied anymore.” – Male Aged 8


“I never thought the black hole in my heart would ever heal but now my heart is whole again.” – Female Aged 43

Sexual Abuse

“I had been the one who was sexually abused as a child yet I grew up feeling guilty and ashamed about this. It affected my whole life. Finally at 40 I did something about it – what a relief – Now I am free and that child that was so unhappy is free now too.” – Female Aged 42

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